Distinctive Practices

Distinctive Practices- 2019-2020

7.3.1 Describe / explain the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust (500 words)

Yashaswi’s IIMS provides every opportunity to its teachers, non-teaching staff and students for an ethical and moral value-based self-development to meet the challenges of the dynamic teaching-learning environment. This is vital for the growth and advancement of the institution. In line with the NEP 2020 objectives, the Institute is consistent in its commitment to enhance the quality of its faculty, catalyze high standard academic research in discipline specific and interdisciplinary fields, build effective governance and leadership and provide an optimal learning environment and support system for the students. The Institute has a collaborative and interactive research culture. The Institute encourages young and newly recruited faculty to participate in FIPs and enhances skill development of teachers through FDPs/Refresher Courses/Workshop. The teachers are financially and administratively supported. Workshops and hands-on training for skill development of teachers focuses on preparing for classroom (offline/online) lectures, accessing Open Educational Resources (OERs), Google applications and other meaningful teacher-student engagement. In the context of Covid-19, all teaching learning was shifted to the MS Teams platform. A group of expert teachers were given the responsibility to train and guide the faculty to ensure smooth transition.

To strengthen the Industry Institution Interaction, IIMS has signed an MOU with NIPM a reputed association of Industry professional’s body. National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), is the only all India body of professional managers engaged in the profession of Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Labor Welfare, and Training & Development in the country. The main aim behind this practice was to achieve higher inclination towards research among the faculty, students and industry practitioners through updating their awareness about research and methods of conducting research. The increase in research would lead to enriched education percolation to students. IIMS has an in-house journal named “YASHOMANTHAN” with an impact factor of SJIF-6.682. A special issue of Yashomanthan was published in the September-2020 with 45 articles from Academicians, Industry Practioners and Students. A rigorous Plagiarism Check was done. Articles with similarity index below 20% were considered for Publication.

IIMC Distinctive-Practices-2019-2020

IIMC Distinctive-Practices-2019-2020